Our mission is to be global leaders in innovative technology solutions, that save the planet’s fresh water reserves by meeting the industrial, municipal and agricultural water treatment needs for the next 100 years.

Our Membrane Technology

Water Planet’s portfolio of membrane solutions meets the growing demands of industrial wastewater treatment and reuse needs, with cost-effective solutions, that return high quality water with minimal labor and maintenance.

What can membranes do?

Membranes are used to purify drinking water, desalinate seawater and brackish groundwater, purify proteins, enzymes and bio-molecules, concentrate fruit juices, clarify and disinfect beer, wine and spirits, treat municipal and industrial wastewaters for safe discharge or beneficial reuse, and produce high-purity water for boiler feed, power generation and high-tech manufacturing.

Our Solutions

Water Planet has a track record of delivering reliable, innovative and affordable solutions for industrial, municipal, and agricultural water use and reuse.
PolyCera® Membranes

Water Planet’s proprietary PolyCera® membranes were developed to extend the range of polymeric membrane filtration to the most challenging applications.

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IntelliFlux® Systems

Water Planet’s membrane filtration systems – powered by IntelliFlux® – offer efficient hydraulic designs, robust membrane materials and integrated pre-treatment.

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MembranePRO™ Services

Water Planet offers its MembranePRO™ service to existing membrane plant installations.

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Who We Work With

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Coal, Mineral & Metals Mining

Dairy, Food & Beverage Processes

Chemical Processing & Petrochemical Refining

High Tech, Bio Pharma, & Healthcare

Municipal Water & Wastewater

Our Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Lower energy and chemical demand
  • Less operator attention
  • More process up-time
  • Improved reliability
  • Extended membrane life
  • High fouling tolerance