PowerTech Water

Chemical & Sludge Free Coagulation

For facilities looking to remove metals from wastewater, CapCo™ is the treatment solution that offers reliability and peace-of-mind to meet regulatory discharge compliance. Unlike other treatment options, the CapCo™ solution is a sludge free approach that yields an environmentally friendly and sustainable difference.

About PowerTech Water

Chemical & Sludge Free Coagulation:
Heavy Metal Removal From Wastewater and Process Water

In late 2012, PowerTech Water co-founders James Landon and Cameron Lippert were doing post-doctoral work at the Center for Applied Energy Research under the same advisor, Kunlei Liu. The two founders shared an office which would serve as the catalyst for the birth of PowerTech Water. Cameron was working on materials synthesis and chemical modifications while James was developing electrochemical devices using carbon materials. James discovered failure mechanisms of carbon-based electrodes which was a major issue in limiting their commercialization into the marketplace. Through collaborative communication pulling on the expertise of both co-founders, while sharing office space, they came up with a plan to chemically modify carbon materials to overcome the newly discovered failure mechanisms. It was a huge success which led to numerous scientific publications.

In December 2013, Cameron signed James up for a business plan pitch competition hosted by the local startup community known as 5 Across. Unbeknownst to Cameron and James, this was the final piece of the puzzle that would lead to the creation of PowerTech Water. James gave a business pitch built around his research on carbon electrodes and how they can be used to purify water and beat 4 other challengers to win a $4,500 grand prize. Of more significance was the fact that one of judges was an angel investor, Chris Young, who would go on to be the first investor in PowerTech Water with a small $25,000 investment, and thus PowerTech Water was born.

By late 2017, Cameron and James had developed the core science concepts of stable carbon electrodes and turned them into an electrochemical water treatment platform to build targeted solutions and devices for water purification. In 2019, PowerTech Water was accepted into the ImagineH2O Accelerator program and the technology is being utilized in installations across the USA.