Aqua Membranes

Printed Spacer Technology™

For membrane element manufacturers and users who want the lowest life cycle cost, Aqua Membranes provides a differentiated solution in membrane element construction that delivers dramatic reduction in operating and capital cost, because only Aqua Membranes customized Printed Spacer Technology™ creates the lowest pressure drop or the highest square footage per element.

About Aqua Membranes

Founded in 2011, Aqua Membranes is revolutionizing RO membrane filtration with its unique printed spacer technology. Polymer is applied directly to flat sheet membrane to create a customized raised pattern that replaces conventional extruded mesh feed spacers. Unlike traditional membrane spacers that trap particles and biofilm within the spacer mesh and thereby obstruct flow, the printed dimensional spacers optimize flow patterns and turbulence throughout the membrane element, minimizing the entrapment of particulates and organic fouling. Printed spacer technology also increases permeate flow, improves flux and recovery, minimizes system pressure drop and extends the operational life of a membrane element.