The industry’s gold standard in automated, artificial intelligence-based membrane control systems for water treatment plants

In late 2014, Water Planet co-founder Subir Bhattacharjee walked into co-founder Eric Hoek’s office to discuss an important observation after having spent a week in the field commissioning a membrane filtration system that was treating produced water from a cyclic steam stimulation oil & gas field. Even though the system was running stably, the fact that it took 6 engineers working around the clock for a week to achieve this end meant the equipment would be very difficult to sell repeatedly.

So, Hoek and Bhattacharjee went about the process of transforming the technology into a solution anything unlike the industry had seen before, based on one of the first applications utilizing artificial intelligence. Through machine learning, every decision Subir and the engineering team made in the field was translated into algorithms, and eventually into a new form of fully automated water treatment system controls software.

By late 2016, Subir and team had developed IntelliFlux Controls into a standalone product that could be used to retrofit any membrane filtration system enabling it to produce more water with less energy, downtime and cost.

In early 2018, IntelliFlux was spun out from Water Planet as a standalone automation and control software with a $3M series A financing lead by Bluestem Capital and The Wolfen Group. In 2018, IntelliFlux Controls was accepted into the ImagineH2O Accelerator program and the technology is being utilized in installations around the world.