IntelliFlux® Control Software

Water Planet’s self-adaptive flux optimization IntelliFlux control software was designed to optimize membrane filtration process performance and cost in real-time…beyond conventional membrane controls.

IntelliFlux Controls

Membrane filtration performance optimization controlWater Planet’s award-winning IntelliFlux® self-adaptive and autonomous ultrafiltration system controls were developed to optimize the performance of MF/UF membrane filtration systems to produce more water at less cost. When filter influent conditions change, IntelliFlux adapts and adjusts flux optimization options in real-time to ensure stable system performance with maximum water recovery, process uptime and membrane useful life. This unique control system delivers peace-of-mind to plant operators and engineers who would have to otherwise manually engage flux optimization actions to adjust for changes in operating conditions.

No matter the influent conditions or membrane material properties, IntelliFlux assures maximum uptime at the highest sustainable flux, thus minimizing cost, down-time, energy, chemical usage and operator attention. During periods of increased solids loading, IntelliFlux accelerates flux maintenance actions, thereby maintaining the target treated water throughput while protecting membranes from becoming fouled too quickly or filter media from being overloaded and potentially passing critical contaminants. Moreover, during periods of reduced solids loading, the system spreads out flux maintenance actions, maximizing water recovery while minimizing chemical consumption and process downtime.

Stable membrane flux maintenanceMembrane recovery biofouling

Membrane Flux Management SoftwareIntelliFlux can work with any membrane filtration equipment that requires periodic flux maintenance via backwashing, cleaning or regeneration. IntelliFlux works with both ceramic and polymeric MF and UF membranes. Water Planet’s expert computer programmers, control engineers and process engineers are always working to improve, extend and adapt IntelliFlux controls for our filtration system OEM and integration partners.


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  • Completely automated
  • Controls MF/UF membranes
  • Self-adaptive backwashing
  • Chemically-enhanced backwash (CEB)
  • Clean-in-Place (CIP)
  • Remote monitoring capabilities


  • Up to 20% more water production with the same cost
  • Up to 20% lower cost with same water production
  • Less process downtime
  • Lower energy and less chemical usage
  • Requires less operator attention
  • Improved reliability
  • Lower operating costs
  • Extended membrane life
  • Improved fouling tolerance


  • Municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Improved algae bloom resilience at seawater desalination plants
  • Oil & gas produced water treatment (conventional, EOR, fracking, offshore)
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage process separations
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage waste treatment
  • Refining, power and other industrial water treatment/recycling/reuse
  • Critical filtration in aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries