IntelliFlux® Systems

Water Planet’s membrane filtration systems

Water Planet’s product lines leverage the synergies of its two state-of-the-art technologies: PolyCera® ultrafiltration membranes and IntelliFlux® controls software.

Water Planet’s membrane filtration systems offer efficient hydraulic designs, robust membrane materials and integrated pre-treatment needed to deliver better performance, less energy demand and lower operating costs than our competition.

Through our network of global OEM and engineering partners we are able to offer a wide range of pre-packaged and custom-engineered membrane filtration solutions.

  • PolyCera® Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems
  • NF/RO Systems
  • Integrated Solutions

PolyCera® Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems powered by IntelliFlux

Water Planet’s PolyCera UF membrane systems integrate the most robust polymeric membranes with an automated process control to constantly ensure optimal performance and uptime. Our UF systems feature the PolyCera Spiral Monolith™ – robust, fouling-resistant and easy-to-clean membrane modules, designed to treat the world’s most challenging waters. Our systems are powered by IntelliFlux self-adaptive flux optimization system control software, which delivers completely autonomous operation with maximum uptime and proven reduction in operating costs.

Want to learn more? Download the UF Systems powered by IntelliFlux® brochure.

Customer Feedback

Not only did Water Planet’s desalination experts come up with some great solutions for our system, they were extremely professional and provided a level of attention and quality of service that we haven’t often experienced.- Myriam Cardenas, Ground Water Reverse Osmosis Plant Manager, Santa Monica Water Resources Division
Water Planet’s qualifications in that area and the fact they can look independently at a lot of different commercial membrane technologies -- that is what attracted us to them for the membrane treatment side of things.- David Pernitsky, Senior Research Engineer Suncor Energy Inc., Calgary, Canada
Water Planet’s incredibly knowledgeable and experienced engineering staff offers a depth of knowledge unmatched in the industry, and they offer such service in the most cost-effective manner we have seen to date.- Jung-Chul Kim, Executive Vice President, R&D Division, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HDEC)