IntelliFlux® self-adaptive flux optimization control software autonomously enhances the performance of conventional membrane filtration equipment delivering up to 20% lower operating cost by maximizing throughput and uptime while minimizing chemical consumption, energy and downtime.


  • Completely automated
  • Controls MF/UF membranes
  • Self-adaptive backwashing
  • Chemically enhanced backwash (CEB)
  • Chemical clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Remote monitoring capabilities


  • Less process down-time
  • Lower energy & chemicals
  • Less operator attention
  • Improved reliability
  • Lower operating costs
  • Extended membrane life
  • Improved fouling tolerance


  • Municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Improved algae bloom resilience at seawater desalination plants
  • Oil & gas produced water treatment (conventional, EOR, fracking, offshore)
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage process separations
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage waste treatment
  • Refining, power and other industrial water treatment/recycling/reuse
  • Critical filtration in aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries

How does IntelliFlux® work?

IntelliFlux® autonomous ultrafiltration system controls were developed to optimize the performance of MF/UF membrane filtration systems to produce more water at less cost – even in the most challenging applications. When filter influent conditions change, IntelliFlux® adapts and adjusts filtration conditions in real-time to ensure stable system performance with maximum water recovery, process uptime and filter media useful life. IntelliFlux® controls are being developed to autonomously optimize MBR as well as NF/RO membrane systems.

What are the benefits of IntelliFlux®

No matter what the influent conditions or membrane material properties, IntelliFlux® assures maximum uptime at the highest sustainable flux, which minimizes cost, down-time, energy, chemicals and operator attention. And, during periods of increased solids loading, IntelliFlux® accelerates flux maintenance actions, thereby maintaining the target treated water throughput while protecting membranes from becoming fouled to quickly or filter media from being overloaded and passing critical contaminants. Moreover, during periods of reduced solids loading, the system spreads out flux maintenance actions, maximizing water recovery while minimizing chemical consumption and process downtime.

What types of filters can be controlled by IntelliFlux®?

Today, IntelliFlux® controls are optimized for MF/UF membrane filtration systems; however, IntelliFlux® is a software, and hence, it can work with any filtration process that requires periodic flux maintenance via backwashing, cleaning or regeneration. IntelliFlux® can work with both ceramic and polymeric membranes of all types, including MF, UF, NF and RO. IntelliFlux® can also be adapted for use with screen, cartridge, bag and rotary filters as well as sand, walnut shells, activated carbon, and ion exchange media filters.

Is this an opportunity for you?

Does your membrane system process have a large variance in concentration and quality of influent that results in rapid fouling and system downtime?

Do you wish that your membrane system would better adapt to the changing treatment environment?

Do you feel you are losing excess water to CIP and backwash when the system is performing properly?

Do you wish you could better monitor the performance of your system fouling with remote monitoring capabilities and advanced intelligence?

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