MembranePRO Services

Industrial water treatment as-a-service plus world class engineering and operational support

MembranePRO Services began as the water treatment contract R&D, engineering and O&M services division of Water Planet. From 2011 to 2015, it completed over 50 projects including development of proprietary water treatment process inventions for several large multi-national corporations, product validation testing for several water & process technology startups, troubleshooting O&M support at dozens of municipal and industrial water treatment plants, as well as the designing, building and delivering a dozen custom-engineered water treatment solutions for the automotive, oil & gas, refining and pharmaceutical sectors.

By 2016, our engineers and scientists developed a proprietary IMS-5000 integrated mechanical and membrane system  controlled by our proprietary IntelliFlux control software, another in-house innovation.

By the end of 2016, we had sold a number of IMS-5000 systems; however, it became clear that the business would need to transform itself into a water treatment-as-a-service business to best serve our customers’ needs.

In late 2017, Water Planet formally exited the systems business and later that year sold off MembranePRO Services and the IMS-5000 systems business to a group of private investors. MembranePRO Services continues to operate California’s first offsite, regional merchant oil & gas produced water recycling facility in Wasco, California  and is developing a number of other California produced water recycling projects.