MembranePRO™ Services

Membrane Performance Recovery & Optimization Services

What is MembranePRO™?

MembranePRO™ is a three-step solution designed to diagnose the root causes of membrane performance decline, prescribe the most effective and economic solutions, and ensure optimal plant performance over time.

Our MembranePRO™ service provides key benefits including:

  • Immediate plant performance recovery and optimization
  • Independent, expert analyses and recommendations
  • Reduced operating costs and plant downtime
  • Remote monitoring and O&M support

The MembranePRO™ Process

We have developed three components to our process allowing Membrane PRO™ to ensure the reliability of your membrane separation processes.

Our water treatment experts visit and walk through the customer’s plant, review historical operational and water quality data, and conduct extensive membrane autopsy analyses to establish the root cause of plant performance decline.

  • Plant walk through
  • Basis of design Review
  • Water quality analysis
  • Critical parameters of concern
  • Computer modeling and analysis
  • Autopsy – Root Cause Determination

Institute enhanced membrane cleaning protocols to immediately recover plant performance, optimize pre-treatment and membrane process.

  • Triage and intervention
  • Design and operational improvements
  • Optimal process reconfiguration
  • Stage recovery optimization
  • Cleaning process optimization
Continuous Improvement

Implement IntelliFlux® to optimize plant performance, provide appropriate alarms, and predict residual membrane life. Remote monitoring and O&M support also available.

  • Install Intelliflux®
  • Pretreatment upgrades
  • Cleaning regime optimization
  • Membrane residual lifetime prediction
  • Remote monitoring and ongoing O&M support


Water Planet has unparalleled experience in water treatment membrane processes. Water Planet’s deep pool of industry proven water treatment experts help our customers to optimally, operate and manage membrane treatment plants.

Industry leading Membrane technology

  • Microfiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Membrane Bioreactors

Industry leading solutions

  • Membrane cleaning service
  • Replacement membrane modules
  • Pre-treatment and cleaning chemicals
  • Remote monitoring and O&M support
  • IntelliFlux™ artificial intelligence PLC/SCADA controls

Our Customers

Our customers represent both small and large organizations from multiple industrial and manufacturing sectors, including:

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Coal, Mineral & Metals Mining

Dairy, Food & Beverage Processes

Chemical Processing & Petrochemical Refining

High Tech, Bio Pharma, & Healthcare

Municipal Water & Wastewater

Why MembranePRO™?

Water Planet developed MembranePRO™ as a comprehensive service package for water treatment membrane plant owners and operators

  • Completely independent expert analysis and solution prescription
  • Integrated membrane systems design and operating experience
  • Guaranteed process performance improvement and reliability
  • Turnkey diagnosis, prescription and implementation
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of plant performance

Customer Feedback

Not only did Water Planet’s desalination experts come up with some great solutions for our system, they were extremely professional and provided a level of attention and quality of service that we haven’t often experienced.- Myriam Cardenas, Ground Water Reverse Osmosis Plant Manager, Santa Monica Water Resources Division
Water Planet’s qualifications in that area and the fact they can look independently at a lot of different commercial membrane technologies -- that is what attracted us to them for the membrane treatment side of things.- David Pernitsky, Senior Research Engineer Suncor Energy Inc., Calgary, Canada
Water Planet’s incredibly knowledgeable and experienced engineering staff offers a depth of knowledge unmatched in the industry, and they offer such service in the most cost-effective manner we have seen to date.- Jung-Chul Kim, Executive Vice President, R&D Division, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HDEC)
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