Water Planet’s robust, easy to clean PolyCera membranes extend the range of ultrafiltration performance beyond conventional ceramic and polymeric membranes.

PolyCera Membranes

Polymeric Ceramic UF MembranePolyCera® is a new polymeric material platform derived from Nobel Prize winning polymer chemistry developed into membrane materials at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI).

PolyCera polymer materials are 100% organic, but they exhibit unique electronic behavior that shifts from metal-like conducting to metal oxide-like semi-conducting to plastic-like insulating properties. These materials are neither conventional polymers nor are they traditional metals or metal-oxide ceramics. PolyCera goes beyond traditional polymeric and ceramic materials.

PolyCera membranes offer a unique combination of extreme hydrophilicity, permeability and robustness. Improved hydrophilicity means improved fouling resistance and ease of cleaning, ultimately, more water and less cost. Captive bubble contact angle using a pure hydrocarbon oil droplet, as shown below, measures the extent to which the oil droplet can displace water and stick strongly to the membrane surface. The lower the angle, the more the membrane favors water, resists fouling and cleans easily.

PolyCera membranes were developed to extend the range of polymeric membrane filtration to tackle the most challenging applications, delivering stable performance even under extreme pH, temperature, fouling and chemical conditions. This means low energy and high sustainable flux operation with extended membrane life, maximum system uptime, and minimal residual waste to manage.

Water Planet’s proprietary PolyCera membrane line includes:

  • PolyCera Titan: For OEMs, integrators and owner/operators who struggle to apply membrane filtration in industrial wastewater treatment, our PolyCera® Titan product is a sub-5 nm pore size UF membrane that delivers next-level oil, hydrocarbon, pH and temperature stability with high sustainable flux operation and ease of cleaning.
    • Markets: industrial wastewater (oily, extreme pH, high organics, high-temp)
    • Applications: produced water, acid mine drainage, refineries, food & beverage
    • Competitive Comparison: PolyCera Titan versus PAN and ceramics

  • PolyCera Hydro: For OEMs, integrators and owner/operators who struggle to maintain high water throughput in tap water filtration, our PolyCera® Hydro product is a sub-20 nm UF membrane that delivers 6:4:3 log removal (bacteria: virus: protozoa) with high sustainable flux operation, fouling tolerance and ease of cleaning.
    • Markets: drinking water treatment (TSS, turbidity, pathogens)
    • Applications: POU/POE, surface water, seawater, groundwater
    • Competitive Comparison: PolyCera Hydro versus PES and PVDF

PolyCera membranes are offered in our proprietary Spiral Monolith® module, which enables either dead-end (low-energy) or cross-flow (high-fouling) operation combined with hydraulic backwashing. The result is that our Spiral Monolith modules with PolyCera membranes inside maximize process uptime and water recovery and minimize energy and operating cost.


PolyCera Titan UF Data Sheet
PolyCera Hydro UF Data Sheet
Boiler Blowdown Water Recycling Case Study
Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Case Study
Mobile MBBR-UF Tertiary Wastewater Reuse Case Study


  • Super hydrophilic material
  • High sustainable flux
  • Fouling resistant and easy to clean
  • Extreme pH, temperature and oxidant stability
  • High tolerance for oil, COD/BOD, NOM and other solvents
  • Surface properties inhibit biofilm formation
  • Cross-flow modules minimize accumulation of fouling materials
  • Back-washing removes deposited fouling materials


  • 10x lower cost than commodity ceramics
  • Low energy demand
  • Less process downtime
  • Maintains permeability longer (low irreversible fouling)
  • Handles the most challenging waters
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Saves chemicals
  • Lowers operating costs


Water Planet’s flat-sheet PolyCera membranes and Spiral Monolith modules are ideally suited for:

  • Industrial wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse
  • Tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater for non-potable reuse
  • Conventional air and high-purity oxygen membrane bioreactors
  • Drinking water filtration and point-of-use water purification
  • Pre-filtration for brackish and ocean water desalination