PolyCera® Membranes

Water Planet’s proprietary PolyCera® membranes

Water Planet’s proprietary PolyCera® membranes were developed to extend the range of polymeric membrane filtration to the most challenging applications. PolyCera® flat-sheet membranes offer a unique ceramic-like combination of high hydrophilicity, permeability and robustness, but at a price point that rivals commodity polymer membranes. PolyCera® elements leverage the flat-sheet membrane performance in a ceramic-like cross-flow back-washable filtration module. The result is the first polymeric membrane with ceramic-like filtration performance.

Ultrafiltration Flat Sheet

  • 100 kDa MWCO | approx. 7 nm pore size
  • 500 lmh/bar pure water permeability (pressure)
  • 1250 lmh/bar pure water permeability (vacuum)
  • water contact angle 30 degrees (CWST 60 dynes/cm)
  • oil and hydrocarbon tolerance, < 20 ppm TOG/TPH
  • temperature tolerance, continuous: < 70 deg C
  • pH tolerance, continuous: 3 < pH < 11; cleaning: 2 < pH < 12
  • chlorine tolerance: <1,000,000 ppm-hr
  • high fouling resistance



  • Super-hydrophilic material
  • High sustainable flux
  • Fouling resistant and easy to clean
  • Extreme pH, temperature and oxidant stability
  • High oil, COD/BOD, NOM and solvent tolerance
  • Surface properties inhibit biofilm formation
  • Cross-flow minimizes accumulation of fouling materials
  • Back-washing removes deposited fouling materials


  • Low energy demand
  • Less process down-time
  • Maintains permeability longer (low irreversible fouling)
  • Handles the most challenging waters
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces energy
  • Saves chemicals
  • Lowers operating cost
  • Ceramic-like performance at polymer cost

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Customer Feedback

Not only did Water Planet’s desalination experts come up with some great solutions for our system, they were extremely professional and provided a level of attention and quality of service that we haven’t often experienced.- Myriam Cardenas, Ground Water Reverse Osmosis Plant Manager, Santa Monica Water Resources Division
Water Planet’s qualifications in that area and the fact they can look independently at a lot of different commercial membrane technologies -- that is what attracted us to them for the membrane treatment side of things.- David Pernitsky, Senior Research Engineer Suncor Energy Inc., Calgary, Canada
Water Planet’s incredibly knowledgeable and experienced engineering staff offers a depth of knowledge unmatched in the industry, and they offer such service in the most cost-effective manner we have seen to date.- Jung-Chul Kim, Executive Vice President, R&D Division, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HDEC)